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Russ Zilles


Russ Zilles is a results-driven executive with 30+ years of domestic and global leadership experience in assessing organizational needs and providing bottom-line results-focused solutions. Through a proven process, Russ has assisted organizations such as AT&T, Verizon, Walgreens, Sun Country Airlines, Apple, Target and many more build fully functional organizations, developing strategic solutions and designed/managed complex projects.

Additionally, Mr. Zilles has provided strategic business planning for a full breadth of companies. Often, these plans synthesize marketing, sales, software development, support, and manufacturing systems that help companies break-through business bottlenecks and achieve desired results. Through his experience, Russ empowers companies to rethink the way they approach understanding their vision, getting the right people on the team, defining the correct metrics and simple processes, along with becoming experts at solving issues, with a goal of turning good companies into GREAT companies.

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Sean Sego


Sean Sego is an innovative, dynamic entrepreneurial executive, is value focused with over 25 years of multiple industry leadership. Becoming an expert in business process management, Sean has assisted organizations in energizing performance, gaining capabilities, and critically navigating today’s market trends to deliver breakthrough growth.

Through applying a decision-making framework, Sean has developed his principles of investment from the fault tree analysis (a NASA engineering technique). In addition to a business valuation methodology from historical value investors, he has contributed to the success and growth of companies such as Tesla, Panasonic, Chasen USA, Atlantic Richfield, BP Oil Products.

Sean applied his experience to successfully launch and run Intrinsic Value Capital Management, an investment management company designed to capitalize on isolated market disconnect. Motivated by forward activity and ownership, Sean dedicates wholly to the endeavor and charge of assisting new clients in navigating and confidently pursuing strategic initiatives that reduce increasing costs across the value chain of the organization. Through his financial experience, network, and structural creativity, Sean helps entrepreneurs and business leaders fully understand capital opportunities to fully realize uncommon visions. Through Sean’s experience and innovative approach to servicing clients – It’s Possible!

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