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Eclipse Business Advisors initial business focus was providing consulting too small to medium-sized businesses. Through the EBA business services partnership network, Eclipse Business Advisors will provide access to investor opportunities, capital investment and tactical application of proven business practices.

This merger allows Eclipse Business Advisors to provide full-circle financial support for those businesses that fit our criteria of being poised for growth. At Eclipse, we are not seeking those looking for a handout. We’re in search of those business owners that embrace the idea that having the right team all pulling in the same direction, It’s Possible!©

To connect business with the right investor one must first understand the process!

Eclipse Business Advisors Principle of Finding a Business Investor
Interestingly, most that seek an investment in their business worry most about if the investor understands their business. When in fact, it’s as much if not more about understanding the investor. At Eclipse Business Advisors we pride ourselves in assisting our clients navigate a path of success finding the right deal for the investor and the business seeking an investment.

Step 1: Understanding The Investor
(This step is more like a first date, than a marriage.)

  • What terms are most important to the investors?
  • Do they seek equity or will the investment be considered debt for your business?
  • Defining and understanding the investors expected rewards and their level of risk?
  • Understanding their individual experience levels?

Step 2: Preparation Necessary To Peak Interest With Investors
(It’s like determining what, where, and how to get dressed up for that first date.)

  • Establish a clear understanding of the business owner(s), owners needs.
  • Gain a keen understanding of the business operations.
  • Determine the business owner’s expectations of how much return and equity that they are willing to give up. – (A thorough financial valuation of the company is critical.)

Step 3: Inking The Deal
(Remember, when it’s time to pop the big question, you have to have your house in order, and, know how, where and who to ask. This stage is NOT about negotiating skills as much as understanding the investor.)

  • Defining and staying true to the relationship you seek, is your target investor(s) interested in your business and less sophisticated or less interested in your business and more sophisticated?
  • Learn and define how best to correctly market to each investor group. (Usually get one chance to present and gain interest. And then only one chance to negotiate a proper offer.)
  • Remembering that, investors are people and may not understand the market, so it’s critical to provide a clear understanding of why a deal makes sense for them.

When we insist clients apply the EBA Process for those seeking an investment in their business it often gets very personal. And so do we, in the fact that we apply a practice-proven combination of art and science to define each situation.

The art of getting to know and understand the personalities and priorities of both the investor and business owners.

The science of understanding the basis of why the deal logically makes sense. 

At Eclipse Business Advisors, we know that there is no magic formula yet, we believe – the next level of success, once an opportunity is defined, a refined business-process put in place and the proper investments have been made that “It’s Possible” that your Dreams of success will come true!

Eclipse Business Advisors It’s Possible!©


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To connect business with the right investor one must first understanding the process!

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