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The Principles Of The EBA Process

If you’ve “Got Money” the last thing we ever want someone to say to us is:

“Why didn’t you get me involved with that?”

Fact is, trying to find the right deal and the right timing for capital allocation can be tricky at best. Not to mention making sure that the right investment parameters are met, and, having the assurance that there were no “skeletons left in the closet.”

Often investors don’t have ease of access to the plethora of opportunities that exist in today’s marketplace. Nor do they have the time, necessary to define the viability of an opportunity. For that matter the experience often needed to establish a structure appropriate for all participating parties, that will best assure success.

With Eclipse Business Advisors It’s Possible!©

Eclipse Business Advisors:

  • Are not investment counselors – yet we can provide investment opportunities when there’s a proper fit.
  • Is not a venture capital firm, yet, we can provide access to capital – if that’s a proper solution.
  • Doesn’t run client-businesses – yet, they empower businesses to operate in a fashion that is guaranteed to foster the next level of success.

Eclipse Business Advisors unearths client challenges and opportunities and applies proven business principles and financial prowess to address issues that exploit possibilities. All in the idea of making dreams come true!


(Need Money)


(Need Assistance)

The Eclipse Business Advisors Process Is Simple And Personal


  • Define priorities.
  • Confirm comfort zones.
  • Establish capital allocation constraints and determine demands as well as timing of structural demands.


  • What an ideal opportunity may be.
  • What establishes a non-ideal.
  • By investing the time necessary to understanding an investment groups and shareholders operating requirements so that we can properly anticipate which opportunities don’t fit.


  • Based upon what we have learned, defined and agreed upon related to client discernment.
  • By providing promising opportunities that would ordinarily have been unknown or excluded.
  • We save investors time, money and resources, by presenting promising opportunities that hit the sweet spot and minimize the risk of catastrophic returns.

Let Us Help You Make Sure That Your Vision Is More Than Just a Sign On The Wall!

By mastering these simple ways of operating, leadership teams of growth-oriented companies systematically and will permanently improve. We guarantee it!

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